Students: Walmart prices are worth the drive

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Dani Castro
The outside of the Walmart in Mililani. There are Walmarts in Pearl City, Kapolei, Waipahu, and two locations in Honolulu

When it comes to shopping outside of Laie, single and married students agreed Walmart has its advantages. According to students, Walmart offers a better environment to shop for diverse items within a family friendly price range.

Students were asked questions to find out how Walmart compares to competitors in terms of their preference. The following students do not speak for the whole student body but rather share their own opinions. Ultimately, it is up to students themselves to determine whether the journey across the island is worth what they want or need.

What is your opinion about shopping from Walmart in comparison to other food retail stores?

Eli McKay Harris, a junior from Missouri, double majoring in education and English: “Walmart is great because it has cheap prices many of the growing families here on the island need. The only reason it is not always the go-to option is because of how far away it is. Yes, if you have a car, the trip is easy. But by bus or other options, it takes almost half a day to get the things you need.”

Sam Clayton, a junior from Colorado studying business- marketing track: “I think Walmart is good. It is the low-price leader, and I like that. However, I think it is too far to merit a specific trip there. I prefer whatever has the lowest price. I’m a cheapskate, so I go for the cheapest thing I can find.”

Pattica San, a sophomore from Cambodia studying finance and supply chain management: “Walmart is one of the best options. I feel more comfortable shopping at Walmart because I feel like I’m not getting ripped off. When I go there, I can get everything I need such as clothing and chicken. I like vegetables from Walmart as well, and I feel like it’s cheaper than other stores I go to.”

What do you do to help food last longer?

Harris: “The freezer is my best friend for making foods last longer. If you put bread in the freezer, it can help to stay fresh allowing it not to mold.”

Clayton: “Don’t eat it. I save it for special occasions. I wish that was a joke, but it’s not. I literally go, ‘Eh. It hasn’t been a good enough day to eat this food,’ or I’ll be like, ‘Yeah, I can have a sandwich or piece of bread.’”

San: “I only buy food I’m going to eat that week. I usually cook it, and then put it in the fridge. And when I want to eat it, I just heat it up.”

Do you think buying food from Walmart when possible is a better option? Why? What do you usually look for?

Harris: “Yes, I do think if you can go to Walmart, you should. Mainly going back to the logic behind the prices. You can save a lot more from going the extra mile, and if you now have the Walmart app, you can even save more money. By taking a picture of the receipt, you are shown and given the extra cash back if the items you bought were found cheaper elsewhere. I usually look for foods both my wife and I enjoy. But mainly things we can make from scratch, nothing premade or throw into the microwave.”

Clayton: “I will either go to the snack section or the hygiene section and see if they have anything on sale or anything that is reasonably a good price. If I feel like it’s a good price, I’ll buy it.”

What are some alternatives to shop other than going to Walmart?

Harris: “Our main go to place other than Walmart would have to be Costco, again for the prices. But we also can live for a month on the food we get from there.”

Clayton: “Foodland or online. If I’m at Walmart and I see something, I’ll think if can get this online, such as Amazon, or eBay. Internet has everything and it’s cheaper, even the shipping. It’s easier to have it sent straight to Laie. It’ll take long, but if you don’t have to have it now, it works.”

San: “I like Costco, but at the same time I don’t like to buy a lot of stuff, put it in my room, and then fill it up with a bunch of stuff. Besides Walmart, I can’t find any other place better than Costco.”



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Thursday, September 6, 2018
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Thursday, September 6, 2018