Suspected terror attack kills four and injures 15 in Stockholm, Sweden

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Brooklyn Redd

A stolen truck emerged through a crowded street and deliberately crashed into a department store in Stockholm, Sweden on April 8, according to CNN. Four people were killed and another 15 were injured, including children, in the suspected terror attack.  

A search was sent out immediately after the attack and the person of interest was detained early Saturday morning, according to Fox News.

Swedish officials say they are still not sure as to whether the attack is linked to ISIS or other terror groups. National Police Commissioner Dan Eliasson said investigations are being made to determine if there was an accomplice in the attack.

“We do not know whether there are further persons involved in this act or not,” he said, “but we are not excluding that. We are still working on a very comprehensive approach to see whether there is any possibility that further individuals are involved.”

Felicia Werjefelt, a freshman with an undecided major from Stockholm, Sweden, is one of two students from Sweden at BYU-Hawaii. She said she was shocked when she heard about the attack and wasn’t sure why it had happened.

“It is weird being here all the way in Hawaii and hearing about what is going on back home. The attack itself occurred only 10 minutes away from the school I went to growing up and was right next to a young single adult center that I would go to almost every day for either institute, FHE, or other activities,” said Werjefelt.

According to CNN, a plethora of people visited and gathered on Klarabergsgaten, near the attack site, to deliver flowers and mourn together.

Sweden’s Princess Victoria also visited the scene with her husband Prince Daniel. CNN reported Princess Victoria was “dressed in black, visibly moved in tears, and was barely able to speak as she surveyed the area.” She told reporters, “I feel an enormous sorrow and emptiness.”

Sweden’s Prime Minister Stefan Lofven said terror attacks usually have a political background and are done to instill fear and create terror. Werjefelt said, “The goal is that we are supposed to be afraid, but Sweden has shown itself from its best side. That is a strength that no one can take away from us.”

Werjefelt said this attack might change how things are perceived and acted on in Sweden from now on. “I think this attack will create a greater separation between immigrants and other Swedes.

“The suspect that is currently in custody appears as though he could be an immigrant. Because of this, people might start to blame the whole group. There is already a political party that is racist against immigration and has gained more and more voters over the year, so I think this might help them even more,” Werjefelt said.

According to CNN, Eliasson said a “technical device” was found in the vehicle and further investigations are taking place to verify its purpose in the attack. 

Date Published: 
Tuesday, April 11, 2017
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Tuesday, April 11, 2017