Testimonies in honor of 187th anniversary of the first published Book of Mormon

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Gosuke Kawano

The first Book of Mormon was published on March 26, 1830 according to the LDS Church website, and BYU-Hawaii students said their lives have been significantly impacted and changed because of it.

Angela Fantone, a junior majoring in English from the Philippines, said the Book of Mormon changed her life on personal level. “It makes me learn something that I don’t recognize when I need to know in my life.”

As an English major who has read many types of books, Fantone said there are several influential books, but “no other advice is stronger than the one the Book of Mormon offers.”

She added, “The Book of Mormon is the anchor for me. Because the Book of Mormon tells me what I need to do, I always have someone I can turn to for comfort or advice. It’s not just some advice but advice from God, which is the best advice ever.

“I’ve been going through tough times because I easily get stressed out. I have a tendency to become hard on myself when things get overwhelming in school work or preparing for my mission.”

She said one day she read 3 Nephi 17:8, and it helped her. “I thought, ‘That’s amazing, that’s what I needed.

“Reading the Book of Mormon and understanding the Gospel makes you realize that Heavenly Father puts us here for a reason, and he never leaves us here without guidance. That’s why I am so grateful to have the gospel and the Book of Mormon in my life because I know where to turn to.”

Takashige Karino, an undeclared sophomore from Japan, said he started reading the Book of Mormon when he was about to enter into junior high school. He said, “I was recommended by my home teacher to make a habit of reading the Book of Mormon first thing in the morning, and ever since I’ve been trying to do it.

“To be honest, I haven’t been able to do the study in the morning lately, but from my past experiences I felt I could have a great day if started my day with scripture study.”

Cary Baldwin, a senior studying marketing from Utah, said the Book of Mormon is the key to gain a testimony of the restored gospel and helps him continue to draw closer to God. He said, “The Book of Mormon continues to fortify, renew, and strength my faith and testimony of Jesus Christ and His restored gospel.”

Baldwin said it excites him when he thinks about how many languages the Book of Mormon has been translated and published in. “It sure is a blessing that so many of God’s children can have the opportunity to gain additional understanding of the Atonement of Jesus Christ.”

For Baldwin, being Christlike is how he shows his gratitude for the blessings of the restored gospel. “The scriptures are the words of God.” He said the scriptures help people draw closer to God and set themselves “apart from the ways of this world.”

Karino likened the Book of Mormon to a kind of spiritual daily bread, saying it’s something substantial we need everdya. “I can feel strengthened on my spiritual weaknesses when I read the scriptures. Even though we could be preoccupied with stuff to do as university students, I testify that as we read the Book of Mormon every day and strive to apply its teachings into our lives, we can feel closer to God and his blessings, and we can identify necessary things to do in our life.”

Date Published: 
Saturday, March 25, 2017
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Saturday, March 25, 2017