Tips to eat healthy within an affordable budget

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Zeek Cheng

Chelsea Newman, a hollistic health, personal performance, and nutrition coach and the owner of Collaborative Health Consulting at, shared tips for eating healthy on a budget in Hawaii. Newman participated as a special guest for BYU-Hawaii’s Healthy Living Club on Feb. 17 in HGB 177, discussing how college students can eat healthy in Hawaii within a budget.


It is harder to purchase healthy food in Hawaii, being one of the most expensive states to live in, according to Newman emphasized the importance of managing and knowing where money is spent. She shared an app that categorizes expenses called “Mint: Budget, Bills, Finance.”


Rachel Roundy, the president of the Healthy Living Club and a senior from Utah studying exercise science, said, “In the Healthy Living Club, we meet and share with one another our healthy living goals. We are not experts, but with our combined knowledge, we can help our friends live a healthy and balanced life.”


Newman shared a few tips on how to achieve a healthy lifestyle within a budget:


1. Categorize your kitchen the way that is easy to find the desired ingredient.

2. Plan your meals.  Write out an inventory on the freezer. Prepare meal plan according to activity, such as preparing more energy food for exercise.

3. Time is money. Learn more crock pot recipes.  

4. Stop wasting food. Store food in mason jars and tupperware.

5. Learn an efficient method to preserve food such as squeezing lemon juice on cut avocado, storing onion in dark area, and wrapping celery in aluminum foil.

6. Avoid storing bananas, tomatoes, and potatoes with other food because they will make other food rot faster.

7. Don’t overheat the cooking oil. Don’t wait until smoke comes out.

8. Avoid using Teflon cookware, it could harm the body when overheated.

9. Do more exercise with deep breathing because we lose 80% of our fat from breathing.

10. Remove all sugary food.

11. Intake magnesium, a mineral that’s crucial to the body’s function. It helps keep blood pressure normal, bones strong, and the heart rhythm steady.  Magnesium Calm can be purchased on

12. Sleep well. Do little things such as using f.lux to block the blue light on your computer display.

13. Shop from, a website to purchase healthy products with only $10 shipping to Hawaii.


Students who have attended the event said they were impressed with Newman’s knowledge about nutrition and learned so much from it.


Jane Tidwell, a junior from Alaska studying exercise science, said, “She is so knowledgeable. She gave us so many alternatives how to live healthy.”


Emeren Sua’ava, a junior from Waianae, Hawaii studying information technology, relayed, “It’s an eye opener for me. The Q&A session was my favorite. I’m glad to learn what I did wrong and understand what I need personally for my body.”


Having his personal question answered, Robert Conradt, a senior from the Big Island studying business management, said, “It’s better than I expected. I asked [Chelsea] a personal question at the end, and I was referred to other professional help.”


For more detailed information about healthy living, visit and for professional and personal council. Norman provides a free one-on-one 30 minute video session on how to be more healthy.


Date Published: 
Saturday, March 3, 2018
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Saturday, March 3, 2018