From Turkey fricassee to scalloped turkey, students share favorite Thanksgiving leftover recipes

Written by: 
Shannon Crowley
Thanksgiving dinner is an iconic American meal.


Scalloped Turkey

Alpha Harper, an alumna of BYU–Hawaii from Canada.

“It’s my mother’s recipe, and it’s where you take your leftovers and the turkey goes on the bottom, and then add the dressing, potatoes, and vegetables. Then you beat up an egg mixture that you mix with some of the gravy. It goes overtop and it kind of sits on there… it’s so good and you add a little salt and pepper, but my mom always puts some type of a sausage meat in her dressing and stuffs the turkey with stove top stuffing. I can always remember the tradition of my mom and my grandma standing there, and they would sew the turkey back up after stuffing it. What we have learned, [from] having raised turkeys, is that for supper we actually cook them breast side down. The reason they’re presented breast side up is there used to be turkey on a spit and so they were golden brown all over.”

Turkey Fricassee

Maura Bott, a freshman from Michigan majoring in painting.

“I know back home, whenever we would make turkey, we would mix the turkey and gravy together. We’d make turkey fricassee.

There’s a bit of other stuff to make it a bit thicker and creamier. I think you might add some starch, milk, and cream. We usually have tons of potatoes that we keep in cans as well.”

Soup and Sandwiches

Cameron Mairs, a sophomore from New York majoring in computer science.

“After Thanksgiving, we kind of just eat turkey with everything. We have turkey sandwiches, turkey soup. Anything that we have, all of our lunches and dinners just turn into Thanksgiving again, until we run out of food, which takes a few days. We mostly have a lot of turkey sandwiches.”


Date Published: 
Tuesday, November 13, 2018
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Thursday, November 15, 2018