Two athletic love stories

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Patrick Campbell
Cross country connection
Jon and Amanda Hooke, who were married in 2016, said they became acquainted with each other while participating in Athletics at BYU-Hawaii.
Jon Hooke was a senior from Utah preparing to graduate. While dating was on his mind, there was one thing he said he was not going to do: date a freshman. 
Amanda, from Utah, was starting her freshman year at BYUH and was a brand-new member of the cross country team. The two quickly became friends. 
Jon added, “It helped that we both ran cross country. That gave us something in common.”
Jon and his roommate started inviting Amanda and one of her good friends over to hang out, but it soon became apparent the invitation was meant more for Amanda. “He obviously couldn’t resist me,” laughed Amanda Hooke, now a junior from Utah majoring in social work.
The two spent a lot of time with each other because of cross country, but their relationship wouldn’t really spark until a team trip to the mainland.
Jon explained, “We were in Montana for a meet, and that’s when we had our first kiss.”
While Jon broke his oath to never date a freshman, he took it a step further and ended up marrying one. After dating another year, the couple officially tied the knot in Utah in March 2016.
Jon is working in Honolulu while Amanda is working to complete her degree at BYUH.
She saw him first
Lacey and Cory Lange, who were married in 2014, said their story also stemmed from the BYUH Athletics Department. While they were both focused on their sports, they said they couldn’t help but notice each other as their paths crossed at the Cannon Activities Center.
Lacey Lange, a senior from Nevada majoring in elementary education, said, “We saw each other for the first time in the CAC, and I remember telling the other volleyball girls, “I call dibs!’”
She said she did not wait for the magic moment to happen but instead took the initiative right away.
Cory Lange, a senior from California majoring in business and on the basketball team, recalled, “We were always studying at the same time in the library, and she kept coming and sitting by me.”
The Langes said one evening after their studies were completed, the two of them continued to talk. Their conversation continued until the library staff had to ask them to leave because they were closing.
“We were walking out and I wanted an excuse to keep talking, so I had to think of something,” Cory reminisced.
He said he thought strategically. Knowing she had a car, and he didn’t, he asked if she wanted to go to McDonald’s because he knew she would have to drive him. She gladly accepted the invitation.
However, the Langes say their first official date was when they picked up some Subway and headed to the iconic Sunset Beach to eat and watch the sunset over the ocean. They both agreed the date was a romantic evening.
Later that night after they had both returned to their respective homes, Cory said he discovered his roommate had gone to bed and locked the door. Cory, having forgotten his keys and not wanting to wake his roommate, said he crashed on the sofa in the living room for the night.
“When I saw him the next day he had bug bites all over him,” laughed Lacey. “He had forgotten to shut the door so he got destroyed by all the bugs. He had 57 bites on one of his arms alone!”
After Lacey nursed Cory back to health from his bug attack, the two said they began seriously dating, then eventually got married. They now have a daughter and said they are excited for what the future holds for their family.
Date Published: 
Thursday, February 9, 2017
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Thursday, February 9, 2017