Unicity signs agreement to offer internships and jobs in 50 countries to BYUH students

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Courtney Bow Nielsen

Health product company Unicity signed a Memorandum of Understanding that will provide BYU-Hawaii students with internships and jobs in over 50 countries on Sept. 27.

Along with President John Tanner and Vice President John Bell, Unicity’s Global President Christopher Kim and Chief Science Officer Dan Gubler, a former BYUH science professor, attended the event to sign the MUO in person. The MUO included opportunities in countries like Japan, South Korea, China, Australia, Cambodia, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

The internships offered to students include those in accounting, marketing and human resources as well as those in warehouses, supply chain and “even all of the way up to the executives,” said PJ Rogers, assistant professor of supply chain and operations.

Internships with Unicity are not as distributors for the company, and the Unicity representatives emphasized that students will not do sales but instead working in their fields of study.

Sandra Khoo, a sophomore from Malaysia studying hotel and tourism management, said, “At first, I thought they were asking us to join their sales in the company. But then I realized that it’s more to join their headquarters, like the operation inside.”

Alumni and Career Services Relationship Manager Keni Kalama said, “They have internships with everybody, but they really wanted to work with BYU-Hawaii.”

Kalama explained the event was unique because of the Unicity staff’s willingness to travel all the way to Oahu to sign something they could have just signed through email.

In an email, Kalama wrote, “We usually only sign MOU’s and email them back to companies, but [Unicity] asked that we make this a big deal.”

Mark Macdonald, director of Alumni and Career Services, said, “The formality of this event shows the seriousness of their commitment not just to accept BYU-Hawaii students among any other candidate, but also to truly show a preference for them.”

Kalama said that since most of the management is LDS, there’s already a strong connection with Unicity and BYU-Hawaii. “Christopher Kim is a stake president in Seoul, [South Korea] but he is also the Global President of this company, and most of the management is LDS.” He said Kim was asked by an Area Seventy to spend time with Korean students while he was here.

Rogers said, “I know a number of their executives that run their companies, and they’re just great people. This opportunity is about how can we get our students opportunities in all of the different offices of Unicity in the corporate organization.”

Macdonald explained students should watch for internship postings with Unicity on Handshake. “If they have particular questions for and want to work specifically for Unicity, they should be directed towards Kenny Kalama who works in the career center. Students should know that when they apply for an internship with Unicity, they can anticipate that their application will be greeted warmly because of the BYU-Hawaii connection.”

According to its website, Unicity is a health company whose mission is to “make life better.” Its products range from teas and dietary supplements to protein meal replacements.

Date Published: 
Monday, October 9, 2017
Last Edited: 
Monday, October 9, 2017