The university offers wide variety of travel opportunities for students

Written by: 
Tucker Grimshaw~Multimedia Journalist

At BYU-Hawaii groups and organizations provide different opportunities to travel. Whether it is for research, performing, sports, conferences, or competitions, students are able to travel at a lesser price then they would have to pay if traveling by themselves.

According to BYUH Travel Services, "The University provides travel management, planning, booking, expense management and other related services through Travel Services and personnel traveling on university business are required to book travel reservations through this department."

What makes the travel inexpensive, Travel Services says, is "the University reimburses faculty, staff, authorized students, and approved agents for legitimate, reasonable, and necessary expenses incurred while conducting approved university business in accordance with university policy."

In this way, the university provides a way for students to explore the world. Tati Slagle, a senior studying marine biology from California, said this about her travels with the biology program, "I have been to the Marshall Islands and the Marianas Islands." Slagle said her expenses were menial. "Each time I have had to pay for my food, but that's it: No travel, nothing."

For students who are wondering how this is possible, Slagle explained, "We are able to get money through grants and through the Yamagata fund. And they essentially just pay for the entire trip because we are going to go do research on those islands." On her overall experience, she said, "It was so fun and I actually got a job because of those trips."

Skyler Chambers, a junior studying business management finance, was able to visit Los Angeles with Enactus, which according to Chambers, is "a group that starts projects geared at helping people,”

Chambers describes how he was able to travel with no expenses. "Alumni and donors donated money so we would be able to attend a regional competition in Los Angeles," he said.

These are just two places that students have been. There are other places where students can travel. The BYUH Concert Choir is headed to New Zealand and Australia this summer to perform.

Career Services organizes Career Connect trips to students’ home countries where they meet with business and governmental leaders and BYUH alumni.

Students involved with the Ke Alaka‘i attend conferences twice a year; one in New York each spring, and another in the fall held each year on the mainland in a different major city like Chicago, Washington, D.C., or Kansas City.

The History Department is also going to travel to Washington D.C. this summer, and BYUH sports teams travel to compete.