Unsuccessful completion of goals don’t stop students from enjoying New Year’s

Written by: 
Hannah Jones

Although BYU-Hawaii students said they have experienced the disappointment of having unaccomplished New Year's resolutions, they agreed the New Year’s season is still a time to look forward to.


Adreil Paul Maguale, a senior from the Philippines majoring in business management, used an analogy to describe why the New Year is one of his favorite times of the year. “Imagine shooting a basketball to a basketball board without the ring. That’s how it feels to have no goals in our lives–it is meaningless. Making goals should not be the only thing that we should be focusing on during New Year’s but also being grateful of everything that we received in the past year.


“I'm making them because I feel that these are the things that will give me eternal joy in my life. When we set goals, we achieve results.”


Reflecting on last year’s goals and thinking of new goals for the coming year, Maguale laughed and said with a smirk on his face, “Last year during the New Year’s Eve, I was in Waikiki and I told myself that this is the year I will be married for all time and eternity.” He admitted he still isn’t married, and joked, “I still have a few more days before this year ends so I won’t say I failed in that yet.”


Cheuk Lap Derek Au, a junior from Hong Kong majoring in exercise and sport science, had a failed goal similar to Magale. Au stated, “I said that last year I was going to ask a girl out,” after a long pause, he continued, “but that didn't work out for me.”


Even having experienced unsuccessful goals, Au still enjoys the New Year by celebrating with family and friends. He said, “A new year is meaningful for me. For me, the New Year means new hope and new vision.”


Mentioning the goals he did accomplish, Mageale recounted, “One goal that did work out was living a healthy lifestyle and going on an adventure at least three times a month.”


Maria TeNgaio, a sophomore from Utah with an undeclared major, views the New Year’s as a time of betterment. She said, “I love the New Year because I get to start fresh in a way, change habits I [had] the previous year, and gain new habits.


“I have made goals in the past and most of them have not worked out. I do have a goal, and it’s to love myself better. I've always focused on the negative things about me and I want to be happier with who I am.”


TeNgaio shared, “The New Year is like a new beginning, and I like to end it with people I know will stay in my life for the next year.  I don't like that people tend to compete on who can have the most fun. I am looking forward to it because I can start fresh and become better for myself.”


Maguale said, “When I think about New Year, the first thing that comes to my mind is gratitude, especially to the Almighty who gave me the opportunity to live the past year and witness the coming of the present.”

Date Published: 
Saturday, December 9, 2017
Last Edited: 
Saturday, December 9, 2017