"Very best" marketing presentation teaches students to network through kind words and actions

Written by: 
Courtney Bow Nielsen & Jessica Gonzalez Leon

The Marketing Club sponsored a branding and networking presentation on Oct. 10 given by Assistant Professor of Business PJ Rogers, who advertised the event as “the very best personal branding and networking presentation you’ll see in your life.”

Rogers’ presentation, titled “How to Market Yourself,” focused on the importance of making connections on a daily basis. He explained students could start marketing through connections on campus that could help their careers later on.

“Branding and networking is something that I live and that I feel very passionate about,” said Rogers. “Everything happens around networking, like missionary work and jobs. People get helped because of networking."

Judith Lopez, a freshman from Utah studying psychology, said she attended because she wants to open up a psychology practice and needs to be able to market herself. She said, “I like that he pointed out that here at BYUH, we are surrounded with people from 70 different countries. You meet all these people, and honestly I wouldn’t have thought of networking already.”

According to Rogers, students are constantly branding themselves with their words and actions, but the thing that will make students stand out is simply going a little out of their way to do something nice for someone else.

“From now on, I will definitely carry myself in a different way,” Lopez added. “He mentioned how every action and word that comes out of our mouths is branding ourselves.

“This would really get a different message across, not just to employers but to people that I want in my life, like friends and family. I can have them rely on me just as much as I want to rely on them to help me out through the rest of our journeys.”

Rogers said, “It is amazing how much can get done because of good networkers. This session was a great opportunity to understand not only how to brand yourself but why. If people understand the ‘why,’ then they’ll do it, and I am really good at explaining the ‘why.’”

Marketing Club President Joel Finnie, a junior business marketing major from Canada, said he was enthusiastic about the turn out at the presentation. He explained how the Marketing Club has been trying to involve as many students as possible who could benefit from marketing presentations, including students studying business, graphic design, video production, and web development.

“I feel like tonight couldn’t have gone better,” Finnie said. “I hope students can learn how to network and market themselves so that when they go back to whatever country they’re from, they can use those skills to be able to bring up their families. All marketing practices can be outsourced to other countries so I really hope that international students learn these skills so that they can compete in the global economy and be able to get ahead.”

Date Published: 
Wednesday, October 18, 2017
Last Edited: 
Wednesday, October 18, 2017