When Caught in the Rain: BYUH students share favorite rainy day pastimes

Written by: 
Samantha Spring~Mutlimedia Journalist

As the rainy season swiftly approaches, the time has come for BYU-Hawaii students to start thinking about ways to entertain themselves when stuck indoors during the frequent winter downpours. Students throughout campus have different ideas of what they like to do during the wet Hawaiian winter.

Jeff Collins, a junior in business from California, said, “I always try to get caught up on homework. That way I have more time to surf later, but that doesn’t always happen.”

Tiare Te’o, a sophomore in biochemistry from Laie, said, “I don’t really watch TV. I mostly like to read, sleep or draw, but sometimes a movie is good on a rainy day… One of my favorite rainy day movies is ‘Harry Potter’.”

Triten Francisco, a junior in social work from Big Island, also enjoys watching a movie and catching up on sleep, but said, “Rain or shine, I still go to the beach.” Francisco is not the only one who likes to go to the beach on a rainy day. Tui Funaki, a junior in accounting and business management from Tonga, also likes to take a dip on a rainy day. Funaki said, “I just love swimming at the beach when it’s rainy.”

While Funaki and Francisco like to play in the puddles on a rainy day, Joseph Fonoimoana, a community member from Laie, likes to play in the puddles, or walk behind PCC to play in the mud. Martina Gilmea, a senior in social work from Micronesia, also likes getting outside on a wet day. Instead of playing in the ocean or in mud puddles, she prefers to dance in the rain.

Atalie Isaacson, a junior in exercise sports science from Arizona, likes the best of both worlds. Isaacson said he enjoys playing in the rain and a good flick.

While most people like playing the in ocean and puddles or watching a movie, Justin Abregano, a junior in exercise sports science from Laie, said, “I like to just sit and watch the rain from my window.”