Where are they now? A look at a few of 2017's bachelors and bachelorettes

Written by: 
Gosuke Kawano & Helam Lau

Keara Jingqi Yao

A sophomore from China majoring in hospitality management

Yao said she got engaged to Elijah Kupono Foster on Jan. 7. She shared her story explaining how “last summer break, he [Foster] went on a date with my friend, but she thought I was the type of girl who would fit him more, and she gave my Facebook to him.

“When I started working at the Aloha Center front desk, he came to ask if I am a friend of hers. After I answered him, he left but added me on Facebook. Since then, we started talking and dated and have come to this point.”

Chris Chandroo

A senior from California majoring in exercise and sports science

Since being in the Ke Alaka’i February issue of last year, Chandroo said he said he has been on a date about seven times after he was on the bachelor and bachelorette article in 2017. He said he currently has a girlfriend.

Chandroo said he graduates this coming June and plans to take the graduate record examinations (GRE) this summer. From September to next March, he is taking an internship to teach English in Japan. He said he would like to work for the U.S. Navy as a clinical psychologist. The advice he gave to bachelors and bachelorettes is the best way to get to know another person is by going on a group date “because when we are on one on one, we are both shy and awkward, but at least when we are in a group, especially when we both have mutual friends in a group, you’ll be more able to be yourself and be more attractive and fun.”

He concluded, “Eventually, of course, you should pair off to be by yourself, but initially try to do group dates so that you can be friends. Also listen to what others say. Try to get them to talk because it’s very important to learn about other people.”

Edmund Michael

A senior from Papua New Guinea majoring in Political science

Michael shared his relationship status and the changes he also had seen since being a part of last year’s Valentine’s Day article. “I started dating this girl from Laie. She is Polynesian. She is so sweet and kind…We do a lot of dating activities together like, go to the beach, eat at Popeye’s, watch movies in the theater and do more fun activities and adventures together.”

“I am graduating in fall and I’m hoping to stay here in Hawaii and do my academic training.”

In addition to graduating in the fall and working towards his AT, Michael said he is hoping to get his optical practical training (OPT) done in the PNG embassy or on campus at the social science office.  He said, “BYUH is the best place. There are a lot of opportunities out there, a lot of good potentials. Just keep dating even if you don’t feel like dating. Dating is fun. Dating is all about getting to know someone, doing some fun activities, going out, watching movies, [going] to the beach. It’s part of the adventure.”

Kimball Heaton

A junior from Utah majoring in business management

Heaton said he has been dating a lot, and said he is just overwhelmed by the tremendous opportunity BYUH has to offer.

Heaton said he plans to graduate in about two years and is interested in getting involved in social entrepreneurship to make changes in the world. He advised how when it comes to marriage plans, “find the right one. Don’t rush.”

His resolution for 2018 is to “face the fear and act more promptly.” He said the advice for this year’s bachelors and bachelorettes, or anybody, is to “Keep trying, keep being productive, have purpose every day, not just trying to find the cutest girl on campus, but try something good that keeps you going, and then you will find the right people when you are in the right circumstances.”

Date Published: 
Monday, February 12, 2018
Last Edited: 
Monday, February 12, 2018