Where students want to live based on where they lived before

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Hannah Jones
Where you want to live

A handful of BYU-Hawaii students shared where they want to live in the future based on their experience with their hometowns.


Inosi Kinikini, a freshman from Fiji majoring in biomedicine, stated, "I'm a very optimistic person, so I don’t really care where I go or where I live as long as I adjust to it. All that matters to me is that I'm comfortable. Of course I miss my family… I usually adjust. If I can't do anything about it, I just leave it."


Kinikini said he has experienced different cultures having lived in Fiji and serving a full-time LDS mission in the Philippines. Although he initially moved to Hawaii for an affordable education, Kinikini said, "I love Hawaii because of the people… They're all so nice."


He attributed his ability to adjust to new places to his energy, optimism, and attitude. He described himself as the “moving on type.”


Airi Sellers, a freshman from Kaneohe majoring in Hawaiian studies, said she felt no desire to ever live anywhere other than where she grew up. She said, "I would travel up to Japan every year to see my grandma, and I was content with that. Plus, there are so many cultures here I don’t need to go to other places."


Sellers admitted she might be willing to live in California or Japan because she has other family there but stated she would ideally like to live in Oahu long term.


Despite her love for Oahu, Sellers said she doesn’t think it's the place for everyone. "It depends if you're willing to accept other cultures."


Logan Hawes, a freshman with a double major in hospitality and tourism management and theatre, moved to Oahu from Wisconsin. Having been born in Arizona, Hawes said he grew up always wanting to go back to his birthplace.


Hawes said, "What I liked about my hometown more was that I knew more people." Hawes talked about the future ties he would like to have with Wisconsin. "I would probably have a summer home back in Wisconsin, but I don’t want to go back."


Esperanza Paredes, a freshman from California majoring in psychology, wanted to move away from her hometown. She said, "Something I love about my hometown is the diversity and the downtown area."


Parades said that if she had to live somewhere else long term, she would “probably live somewhere here in Oahu because of the laid-back vibes. I want to love the people and activities around me. I think what makes a good city to live in depends on the person."


Paredes commented on what she values in looking for a place to live. "For me, I think the culture of the community, the people, and the places around it make it or break it."

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Friday, November 10, 2017
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Friday, November 10, 2017