Work It Out: How to stay summer slim

Written by: 
Matt Bledsoe~Multimedia Journalist

With a proper work-out plan and commitment, students can stay fit for the summer, says students and the university conditioning coach.

Joshua Remington, a senior in biology from California, spoke about what keeps him motivated to go to the gym. “I feel it is important to be fit. I want to be healthy and strong so I can do my physical activities like surfing and snowboarding. It’s a lifestyle for me. If I haven’t gone to the gym or been active, I feel like it’s a waste of my day.

“It’s just become a habit for me, the first 3-to-6 months were really hard for me,” said Remington. When he started working out, he said he put in a lot of time before he saw physical changes in himself. However, Remington said, “Once you put the time in, it will become a habit and you’ll see the results.”

Coach Anthony Clah, head strength and conditioning coach at BYUH, gave a practical break down on steps to take to work out and pitfalls to avoid. He said, “You should always start simple. If you have never lifted before, the machines are a great way to start. They isolate specific muscles and specific movements, and the machines are set up in such a way that you don’t injure yourself.

“You want to use progression,” Clah said. “Start simple. Then you can move towards the more difficult levels of doing an exercise. The level of progression increases over time, and that is how you experience growth.”

Clah explained how to avoid injury. “The biggest problem that people have is their core section, which is the group of muscles that surround their waist, stomach, front part of their body and around to their back. If they can strengthen themselves in the core region, then they can avoid almost every injury that they could possibly have in the weight room. Having a strong core doesn’t mean that you have a six pack or not. Just cause you have a six pack…core strength involves the muscles below that, the muscles that surround the spine and attach to the hip. Those are some of the more important muscles as far as core strengthening goes.”

Dallas Porter, a senior in business from California, shared what keeps his workouts fresh and fun. “Keeping up with my friends keeps it fun,” he said. “To prevent injury, I work on stabilization and balance in most of my workouts.”

To persons looking to start a fitness routine, Porter encouraged them and said, “Nike has the perfect slogan. ‘Just do it.’ Just get into the gym regularly and make a habit of it and you will see results.”

To stay involved in your workout plan and to avoid getting burnt out or hitting what some refer to as a plateau, Coach Clah recommended, “If you have a hard time sticking to your workout. it is always best to lift with somebody ‘cause you motivate each other and you help each other out. There are a lot of ways to have variety when you work out and make it difficult and in some cases fun for some people who may think that lifting is a drag. There are ways to make it fun and exciting if that is what they want.”