'D-Bob' uplifts and inspires the BYUH ohana

Written by: 
Samone Isom ~ Multimedia Journalist

David Bob Bailey, or “D-Bob,” as his family and friends call him, is a service missionary from Moroni, Utah, whose cheerful attitude and tireless work ethic has touched the lives of people on the BYU-Hawaii campus.

“I don’t think I’ve ever met a more positive person in my life,” said Shai Thompson, an assistant coach on the BYUH Women’s volleyball team. “Watching him do what he does makes me want to work just as hard. There is nothing bad about him.”

D-Bob stays busy the whole day working at the Polynesian Cultural Center and for the Athletics Department at BYUH. “I work at PCC aloha and set up chairs. The sports—I love that—I’m the water manager,” he said.

Lacy Lange, a junior in business from Nevada and member of the volleyball team said, “I remember D-Bob coming 30 minutes early to every single one of our practices, always setting up, always being there for us, including our 6:00 a.m. practices.”

Danae Pearl, who will begin Peace building classes next semester, had recently met Bailey only a few days before and said, “He’s the most amazing person. He had the spirit and he is ready to serve anywhere and anyone. He is full of love.” Pearl said the two had a spiritual experience and missionary moment. “He said that I touched him by sharing my testimony. He has the most amazing parents. I could see where he gets his love and drive to serve.”

Bailey’s parents David and Eddi are serving as a senior missionary couple. Bailey’s father said, “I think we are here primarily because D-Bob willed it to happen. For the last several years, he kept asking when he could go on his mission, when can he serve and we always said ‘someday’. The opportunity came up and we had to apply and receive permission through the first presidency for D-Bob to come with us.”

His mother reflected on the impact her son has had on the people on campus. “We’ve met different students who have written and told us stories about how he helped them get through the day or helped them like their experience here better because he stopped them one day.” Bailey continued and said she believes the students at BYUH are the reason the three missionaries have had a good experience. “They have welcomed him and accepted him for who he is and what he has to offer,” she said.

One such story came from Kathy Collette, an exercise sports science, and junior from Utah. She said, “Honestly I can say he is one of my best friends. He is always happy and brings the best out of everyone. He’s a missionary. One time we were driving in my car and the side mirror broke, and he said ‘while you are gone I’m going to fix your mirror. I’m a missionary and I’m here to help people.’” Collette continued, “I feel like that is the perfect definition for D-Bob: he’s an angel, he’s a missionary and he serves everybody.”

Elder Bailey finished his interview by saying, “I work hard every day. I love my friends in the PCC, volleyball, and basketball. I love my mom and my dad with all my heart so much.”