Students say closing social dance gave them an opportunity to de-stress before finals
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Will Krueger
Students enjoyed a space-themed dance on June 30.
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Courtesy of Seasider Activities

Despite having less equipment than usual, the Spring Semester Closing Social was still successful thanks to food, lights, and the efforts of Seasider Activities, according to student employees. More than 300 students attended the space themed dance held at the McKay Gymnasium on June 21.

Student Supervisor of Seasider Activities Jeremiah Hollis, a senior from Idaho majoring in business marketing, said, “We wanted to have something people can come to on a Friday night, get some free food and enjoy themselves in a good environment. People can let loose on the dance floor or just hang out with their friends.

“The atmosphere [was] pretty good, everyone is just enjoying themselves and having a good time. We have a big blow-up-bouncy obstacle course . . . for people to enjoy and play around on too.”

Describing the event, Kyle Ritter, a freshman from Arizona majoring in business management, said, “This was a good de-stresser and good opportunity to blow off some steam before finals and enjoy some free food.”

While enjoying the dance, Kanel Mu Kwai Chuan, a sophomore from Tahiti majoring in biomedicine, said the vibe was fun and relaxing. “There’s a bounce house which is really fun. It’s like a space theme tonight and it’s a really well-done event.”

The darkened gymnasium was illuminated with laser lights and balloons filled with lights inside. Students at the dance described the mood of the dance as electrifying.

Hollis said the event had been planned months in advance. “We had this initially planned out in March, so we have put a lot of work into this. One of our workers had their birthday today, so we let him decide what the theme was for the dance back in the planning stages.

“We didn’t have all of our equipment here tonight. We usually have more lights and things going on but we were able to improvise tonight and it turned out pretty well with what we have.”

Domino’s pizza and cake were served at the event and free T-shirts from Seasider Activities were also thrown into the crowd throughout the night.

Mu Kwai Chuan commented, “There have been a lot of people coming in here tonight and people have been really enjoying themselves because the DJ has been playing great music. And the food has attracted people too.”

Date Published
June 28, 2019
Last Edited
June 28, 2019