Students say visiting the temple grounds provides them with comfort, peace and a space to reflect
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Will Krueger
The Laie Hawaii Temple
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Olivia Tsan

Simply just being on the temple grounds is a peaceful place to destress, reflect and spend some time close to the Lord, according to BYU-Hawaii students. They say the power of the temple is not only inside, but also outside on the temple grounds and surrounding areas.

Chris Chandroo, an alumnus from California, said spending any time on the temple grounds is valuable time. “After I came back from my mission, I would attend the temple once a week on Friday after my anatomy exams. Over time though, due to class scheduling, it would get harder and harder to actually make it inside on a weekday and I worked Saturday mornings.

“Eventually, I started having my own temple walk on Sundays. I made it a goal that every Sunday I would walk around Laie ending at the temple.”

Chandroo said his regular temple walks were a de-stresser for him. “When I was getting close to graduation, so many different questions were entering my head about marriage, classes and post-graduation life. I felt like going to the temple on Sundays gave me a break from stress.

“Being alone on the grounds and literally keeping my sights on the temple would give me a feeling of peace. As I would think, I felt I was not alone. As I would sit there, I felt someone was with me, listening to my thoughts and giving me comfort.”

Chandroo encouraged students to spend time around the temple grounds. “I know for many freshmen, and even returned missionaries, we try to make it a goal to enter the temple, but life happens. I know from experience that just having some alone time, time to ponder on the grounds, can give you … strength, confidence and a connection to your Father in Heaven. Now, as a graduate student, I miss the days when I could walk around Laie and visit the temple.”

Happy Dalaichuluun, a sophomore from Mongolia majoring in business management, said, “Since I’ve joined the Church, absolutely my favorite thing is the temple. I have been to several temples, such as Hong Kong and also Kona, but no matter where I go the feeling is still the same. I feel peace and holiness to the Lord.”

Dalaichuluun said she likes to go and visit the temple grounds often. “Just being at the temple and thinking about the temple, inspires me to be a better person. I’m always reminded to be righteous when I spend time around the temple grounds.”

She explained how simply being on the grounds can be a powerful experience. “The power of the temple is not only inside, but also outside. We can feel the Spirit on those sacred grounds.

“It’s a time where I think people go to ponder, reflect, receive revelation and think about their relationship with God. I go on Sundays often and read the scriptures. When we are close to the temple, I feel like we can make better decisions because our minds are clear.”

Aaron Moffitt, a junior from Arizona majoring in hospitality and tourism management, said he goes to the temple once or twice a week to ponder and think about life. “I feel better about myself and it is usually pretty edifying. Being on those grounds helps me to be alert to the whisperings of the Spirit. I’m grateful for the temple of the Lord.”

The Laie Hawaii Temple Visitors’ Center is open daily with various displays, devotionals and musical firesides regularly held there on Sundays. The Laie Hawaii Family History Center is also open Monday through Sunday.

Date Published
August 19, 2019
Last Edited
August 19, 2019