Student temple workers say their service is a blessing of spiritual strength
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Will Krueger
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Despite busy schedules involving school, work and other extracurricular activities, students say working in the temple is a great opportunity for them to develop spiritually, become closer to the Lord and remain focused on their goals.

Happy Dalaichuluun, a sophomore from Mongolia majoring in business management, said working in the temple was a goal she always had. “Before I came to school here, I knew I wanted to work in the temple. Working in the temple was something I knew I wanted to do for a long time because there is no temple in Mongolia.

“I bought temple clothes when I first came here to Hawaii because I wanted to work in the temple right away.”

Although there is not yet a temple in Mongolia, Dalaichuluun shared, “Working in the temple helps me in many ways. I get to spend time at my favorite place, and I’m also learning how everything works in the temple. This will help me so when there is a temple in Mongolia someday, I can work there too.”

Mark Eyo, a senior majoring in TESOL from the Philippines, said he felt inspired to work in the temple after receiving counsel from a general authority, Elder Shayne Bowen, at the conclusion of his mission. “He counseled me to always stay close to the temple after my mission.”

Eyo said he has now been working in the temple for 2 years. “The temple is a holy place where I can feel free from all the burdens of the outside world. I feel so much peace while working and I always feel energized after my shift.”

Students say their temple shifts begin as early as 5 a.m. Students also agreed although they have busy work schedules, relationship commitments and other interests, working in the temple helps them to manage their time better and also helps them stay spiritually focused.

David Aldrich, a senior double majoring in social work and peacebuilding from Laie, said he has been working in the temple for more than 3 years. “Working in the temple is something I enjoy doing and I have been blessed in a number of ways. It’s like the blessings you receive from serving a mission or serving God in any capacity. You carry an increased awareness of His presence in your life and of your place with Him.”

Aldrich explained the process for students to be able to work in the temple. “If a student wants to work in the temple, they interview with their bishop and ask him to send in a recommendation to the temple. After the bishop does that, then a member of the temple presidency will get ahold of you and figure out a time when you can work.”

According to Aldrich. “Full time shifts at the temple are 6 hours, although students have the option of working a shorter, four-hour shift instead.”

Date Published
October 4, 2019
Last Edited
October 4, 2019