Delphia Lloyd uses social media to spread encouraging words of positivity
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Michael Kraft
Delphia Lloyd stands in a circle with friends
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Chad Hsieh

Using Instagram as a tool to spread encouraging words to people suffering from depression is what BYU–Hawaii student Delphia “Deli” Lloyd does to make others feel better about themselves. Lloyd, a junior from Idaho studying hospitality and tourism management, said it is a way to get the world to feel good for a moment by spreading positivity.

“I want people to see that it’s okay to be honest,” Lloyd said, “and share your flaws because it’s part of who you are, and it helps you connect with other people.

“I wanted to be the kind of person who doesn’t compare myself to other people and doesn’t make people compare themselves to me. I want to be the kind of person who is genuine and helps people see they are genuinely worth it.”

Lloyd said she has devoted her Instagram page, with more than 1,700 followers, to spreading positive messages. In the caption of her most recent post is a quote from the Book of Mormon in 1 Nephi 11:17. “And I said unto him: I know that he loveth his children; nevertheless, I do not know the meaning of all things.” In her caption, Lloyd shared a message testifying of God’s unconditional love for all.

She said she wanted to use social media as a positive tool when she noticed “people use social media to kind of put their best selves out there. A lot of the time it can be kind of negative if they do it to show that they’re better than other people. They post things because they’re not confident in themselves, so they try to hide behind social media.”

According to Swansea University in Wales, and at Milan University in Italy, studies showed those who frequently post on social media “showed an average 25 percent increase in narcissistic traits.”

Fellow BYUH students recognized Lloyd making a difference with her social media and through her friendship. Rahel Meyer, a sophomore studying communications from Germany, described Lloyd as an amazing person and a good friend. “Once, I had a really rough day, and when I saw Deli on my way home, she took time and talked to me. Even though she clearly had other stuff to do. She uplifted me by listening and making me feel good about myself.”

Another student, Jensen Ama, an undeclared freshman from Utah, said Lloyd is one of the most positive people he knows. “She always makes you feel like you’re her friend. When I was new here and walking back from the temple, she introduced herself to me.[She] walked and talked with me all the way back to campus. It made me feel at home when I was still adjusting to Hawaii.”

Lloyd said people’s reactions encourage her. “The positive feedback shows me I’m helping and making a difference and so that’s what I’m going continue to do.”

Despite the conscious effort to be positive, Lloyd has been open with her ongoing battle with depression. In November 2018, Lloyd posted a video, which now has more than 4,000 views, revealing and explaining her battle with depression. Lloyd said, “It took a lot of thinking, pondering, prayer and courage to put that out there. I was at the point with my depression where I was at rock bottom.

“I knew if I kept it to myself, then I would struggle even more, so I decided [make] a video about my depression, being real, vulnerable [and] letting people see that it’s real for me.”

According to Lloyd, she received an outpouring of love and support. Lloyd said, “I had friends come out and tell me that they were going through the same thing, and thanked me for being brave and bringing awareness to mental health. I had others tell me how much they love me. It meant the world to me to receive so much support.”

Lloyd said it led her to realize she wishes to focus on helping others. Her friends were more than willing to give her help when she needed it.

She said her faith also plays a large role in her use of social media. “I would say that’s the main driving force in creating positive content, because the gospel principles and lifestyle has led me to be able to love myself, others, and to be myself. Even with social media, in the end the only thing that matters is what God thinks.”

Lloyd said she wants to encourage positivity. “My whole life purpose is to be happy and make other people happy.” She says by surrounding herself with good friends and positivity she is able to fulfil her goal.

She said although she shares a lot of her life on social media, she wants herself and others to remember, “You don’t have to put everything out there. It’s good and also healthy to have a private life that you don’t post about.” Lloyd also said above all, she wants to show people the real Delphia Lloyd, while also reminding them it’s okay not to be perfect.

Date Published
October 21, 2019
Last Edited
October 21, 2019