Hale residents say they felt the spirit of Christmas at hale gingerbread house-building event
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Cody Bruce Barney
Students and faculty build gingerbread homes
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Esther Ruth Insigne Clayton

The Hale Pavilion was on Nov. 27 filled with Christmas jingles and cheer, as the Hale resident advisors (RAs) hosted a gingerbread house-construction activity which brought students together to feel the joy of the season. Students used gingerbread blocks, candy glue, and sweets to construct homes, and students said the night was jolly and bright as they worked.

The RAs led the event and distributed the supplies which students used to intricately make art. Ethan Landgraf, a human resources sophomore from Oahu, was in charge of the event. According to Landgraf, “There was definitely some work involved, but I think it all turned out really well. A lot of people came and were enjoying themselves. Our whole purpose is that people can connect together at activities like this.”

Landgraf said they were originally going to do it in December, but did not want to have the activity coincide with club activities or with finals. “Why not celebrate Christmas early? Every day should be Christmas because we always remember [Christ].”

Landgraf shared he appreciates gingerbread, and it brings back memories of when his family would go to his grandmother’s house to make sugar cookies. He said it brings him joy to see the students happy as they create their little works of art.

RA Sierra Ford, a psychology sophomore from California, was at the event to just have fun. She said, “I’m happy the school is doing things to bring about the spirit of Christmas.”

The aroma of hot chocolate filled the air. “There is a great turnout and it is bringing the spirit of Christmas here,” said Ford. “Gingerbread is a tradition [in many places]. It reminds people of Christmas. It’s a nostalgic thing.”

Ford explained how she believed many people, usually in America, make gingerbread at least once in their lifetime of Christmases. “Even though [students] cannot be at home right now, they are doing something that reminds them of home.”

As he was ordered by his friends to help them fix a falling gingerbread wall, Takashi Masuda, a sophomore from Japan studying information technology, explained he had heard about the event from an email and came to have fun. It was his first time building a gingerbread house. “We are building a mansion right now. The Takashi mansion.”

Masuda spoke about current plans to expand their gingerbread mansion which changed into plans for a gingerbread skyscraper. “We are building a skyscraper right now. Team Takashi, Team Glory, Team Iliana, in the house.” Masuda shared how he hopes to make gingerbread houses with his family.

Anna Jenkins, a sophomore from Utah majoring in hospitality and tourism management, said she had candy glue on her hands as she worked tirelessly on her little home. Jenkins heard about the event about a week ago and mentioned how much she thought the event was the best, despite her messy hands.

Date Published
December 2, 2019
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December 2, 2019