"Safe Journey" A devotional by Stephen Graham

Written by: 
Siyang Chen

Elder Stephen Graham capitalized on his age to give advice to younger students in his devotional address titled “Safe Journey,” May 5, 2015. He said, “I chose the topic because I am older than you students, and I want to share what I have learned. That will be helpful for you. That is the main reason that I shared it, this is my first reason. My second reason, because I believe in Jesus Christ, and I hope that I encourage someone to draw closer to him, to learn more about him, and follow him.”

He and his wife are senior missionaries working in Career Service and recently got a new calling to serve in the Accra Ghana temple.

Graham gave five suggestions to young people who are near the beginning of the journey on the road of life. Tevita Makihele, a freshman from Hawaii majoring in mathematise shared his thoughts, “ I really feel the spirit, and the courage to endure the journey in this life. When Elder Graham talked about the five steps. Always put the Lord first, cultivate love for others, seek to enjoy daily the fruit of the spirit, keep a record and go the second mile. My testimony has been strengthened by his talk, I feel more happy.”

Graham said ways to put the Lord first are to pay tithes and offerings first, speak with the Lord in prayer every day, and to “Feast upon the words of Christ; for behold the words of Christ will tell you all things what ye should do.”

To cultivate love for people, Graham said to “begin with your spouse, family, then reach out every day to someone.” He said how it is important to listen to people, to never forget that every person you meet is a literal son or daughter of Heavenly Father, and remember to “ follow the example of the Master who ‘went about doing good!’”

Jordan Oliphant, a senior from Utah majoring in art commented on this second point. “I agree with him when he says that he can feel genuine love around our campus. I have never been in such a diverse place, and yet so little discrimination and judgment. This is one of my new goals: to be anxiously engaged in order to better serve others. In order to do this I will follow Jesus Christ as my example.”

Graham counseled students to seek to enjoy the fruits of the Spirit every day because “ the Gift of the Holy Ghost is probably the greatest gift that God can give to mortal man." He also said students should keep a record “of those moments when you see the hand of the Lord in your life.” Oliphant said she wants follow this counsel and ” record of all the amazing blessings that Heavenly Father has provided for me. Sometimes it is easy to take for granted our amazing blessings, but we need to recognize his hand in our lives. We must initiate righteousness.”

Concerning Graham’s counsel to go to the second mile and keep moving forward, Priscilla Tandiman, a senior from Indonesia majoring in biochemistry said, “He delivered such great counsel that I know came from my Father in Heaven. I was reminded of how meaningful my life is and how to make it even more meaningful each day. I like this counsel to go the second mile, because it is fulfill the purpose of my life while is to progress. I am now more encouraged to face whatever Heavenly Father has prepared of us, I just have to trust him and learn.”

Sister Graham, as converted church member, shared her insights to church members to keep the faith and believe in Jesus Christ. “You simply follow the five suggestions my husband gave in his talk, and it will be helpful.” She also talked about the good relationship she and her husband have.

Sara Solomon, a freshman from Arizona majoring in exercise science shared her thoughts, “When Sister Graham talked about her husband knowing how to treat a woman right because of his sisters, it makes me feel grateful for my boyfriend who treats me that way. It also makes me grateful for the way I grew up in having 3 older brothers.”

Uploaded May 26, 2015