Campus Comment: How do you plan for Black Friday?

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Emmalee Smith

Noelle Oldham

Florida, junior, theater education

She said there are aggressive people on Black Friday.  To avoid confrontation and arguing, she said, “Plan on exactly what you want and look up alternative parking places in case it’s so crowded you can’t find a place to park.”

Brandon Kamimoto

Mililani, senior, psychology

“Go to Waikele mall, because it’s already a cheap outlet store and [during Black Friday] it’s even cheaper.” Pearlridge mall is another good place to go, he said. “Go with a group of people and don’t get stressed out.”  He said Christmas shop early before prices go up.

David Russell

Florida, junior, accounting

“Pick one big item and base everything off of that.” He said if you pick multiple items, you’re more likely to get things you don’t need. He said, “Go early to get in line.” Also, keep track of time stamps in case Walmart or somewhere is releasing things on hourly marks.

Cedes Garcia

Washington, freshman, vocal performance

“Make a list of what you need and rank everything.”  On her Christmas shopping list is buying nice shoes. “If you’re like, ‘Ohh, I’m not sure about that price?’ then buy it on Black Friday. But stay away from Walmart. It’s crazy. That’s where all the crazy people are and I stay away from crazy people.”

Auburn Bertuccini

California, sophomore, communications

She advised to go early and first to the stores that say while supplies last and go to the others during the day so you’re not worrying about an item being sold out. “Be careful and be really, really nice to the workers. They’re suffering. But don’t spend too much  because Cyber Monday is right around the corner.”

Bo Schwenke

American Samoa, senior, business management

“If you don’t like to stay in line, wait for Monday.” Schwenke said he buys things he doesn’t normally buy the rest of the year. “I buy shoes, especially Italian leather shoes and sports shoes.” He said the Italian leather shoes go for over $100 normally, but he can find them on Black Friday for around $50.

Date Published: 
Saturday, November 11, 2017
Last Edited: 
Saturday, November 11, 2017