Four Hales closing for Spring Semester, students upset about having to move

Written by: 
Helam Lau

Hales 1, 2, 3, and 5 will be closing for Spring 2018 for consolidation and maintenance purposes, according to a Housing Department email sent out to students. Those who renew their contract will move to another Hale during Spring Break without having to pay a transfer fee. Some students affected by the changes expressed how the move will be inconvenient for them, especially to those who feel comfortable with where they currently live.

Janey Grover, the manager of the Housing Department, referred to the contract students signed in order to live on campus. “The university reserves the right to reassign students to other than the originally assigned rooms. Major reassigning of residents will take place during the Spring Semester or Summer Break for consolidation, custodial, and maintenance work or major renovations and to accommodate university summer programs. Students will be notified in advance of any reassignments.”

Sarai Kamahea Teohu Parker, a freshman from Oahu majoring in elementary education who currently lives in Hale 4, said, “I am not sure if Housing is willing to tell us everything but I wish they can give us more information about the reason why we have to move. Hales 3 and 4 are new so I can’t see why consolidation is needed.”

Grover responded, “Like all buildings, the dorms need to be cleaned and maintained on a regular schedule to ensure they can stay in good working order and students can continue to live in them for years to come. Please remember these are consecrated buildings like meeting houses and temples. Even temples are closed for annual maintenance to ensure they are in good working order.”

Parker expressed, “I am not too happy about it. It was just frustrating that we just got comfortable with this hale, the wards, and roommates. We have been taking care of the hale the best that we could.

“It is also hard for people who just moved in this winter as they have to move again. It might also bring inconvenience for people who already planned everything. It will be hard for people who are shy and only feel comfortable in their zone. It affects many wards too. That changed the entire wards.

“I am confused why.  If we were disobeying rules, that makes sense.”

A Hale 3 resident, Gorden Wong, said, “It makes sense for people to have dissatisfaction to housing as they often make students move around without convincing reasons. That happened once a year during summer break.

The senior from Hong Kong majoring in exercise sports science said, “Their policy doesn’t have enough transparency, and we as residents are not informed on any clear future development plans about the hales. We are just told to do what they asked.”

Camilla Darshini, a sophomore human resources major from Malaysia and Hale 4 resident, said, “When I first read the email, I was mad because I didn’t understand the reason. … I am not sure if they are asking us to come back after the Spring Semester.

“In a good way, the change will allow me to meet new people. To the opposite, we have to move everything. The thing is if it is just a one-time move, it is fine.

“The senior [missionary] told me that some hales are closed every summer break. Then, after that semester, they could not stay and either move back to the original hale or choose another new.”

Date Published: 
Tuesday, February 6, 2018
Last Edited: 
Tuesday, February 6, 2018