Record high King Tides erodes shoreline, causing locals to voice concern

Local BYU-Hawaii students and faculty voice concerns as they see the changing coastline, a result of this past summer’s king tides.

“It is as if the ocean is angry,” said longtime resident of Laie and professor of Business Management, Helena Hannonen.

Campus YSA ward cleans Clissold's beach to strengthen relations with community

The Laie YSA 7th Ward students created bonds with the Laie community, according to Bishop Keoni Rich, as they cleaned local Clissold’s Beach, cleared broken plastic, fishing nets, and rubbish as part of a ward conference on Saturday, March 18.

Hawaii hosts unique cast of dangerous animals

Unlike the U.S. Mainland, Hawaii does not have large, dangerous, land animals such as snakes, bears and wolves, but Hawaii still has its fair share of dangerous wild life. Hawaii’s most common pests are centipedes, spiders, and the Portuguese Man-o-War or commonly known as “The Blue Bubble”.

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