Block Party caters to a diverse student body with multiple music genres

Students and DJ’s loved the multi-themed dance that kicked off the beginning of the fall semester on Sept. 7 because they believed it brought cultures together and was simple.

Faculty and staff gather in annual Ohana meeting to begin a new school year

To start off the new school year, John S. Tanner, president of BYU-Hawaii, shared with the university’s faculty and staff the message that “all may be edified of all” (D&C 88:122) at the Ohana Meeting on Aug. 31.

The culture of dating as shared by students from Europe, Asia, Polynesia, Latin America, the United States, and Africa

Dating customs vary from culture to culture and person to person. For example, in some cultures, people only date after they know each other and are serious about each other, but in other cultures, dating is more casual and is seen as a way to get to know people.

Chinese music student enters music major as a beginner in Western music

A guzheng and suona specialist and Hong Kong Youth Chinese Orchestra performer, Emily Shek, said as a Chinese music performer, she came to BYU-Hawaii as a complete beginner in Western music. Shek, who is now a senior majoring in music, tries to practice at least six hours a day.

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