BYU–Hawaii alumni and student runners share how best to prepare for a race in a healthy manner


BYU–Hawaii students and alumni who specialized in distance running shared their ideas of how to get in shape and prepare for running races, such as 5k’s or marathons, and stressed the importance of staying determined, making goals, and eating healthy.

35 years since initially attending BYU–Hawaii, Melony NeSmith’s family’s support, faith, and desire to finish her education prompts her to return to the university


Thirty-five years ago, Melony NeSmith began her university experience as a freshman at BYU–Hawaii. She put a hold on her education after Hurricane Iniki in 1992, and moving across Hawaii. Today, she has returned to complete her degree in elementary education.

Students and alumnus share why they love the relationships BYU–Hawaii fosters

In February, during a time where there is an emphasis on romantic relationships, students and alumni share they love BYU–Hawaii because of the relationships, romantic or not, they make by attending a diverse school.

Longtime BYUH employees say their lives have been blessed by working here


Eleven members of the BYU–Hawaii ohana were recognized in January for working more than 20 years at the university with two working more than 40 years: Hilda Kajiyama, 45, and Phillip Bruner, 40.

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