Campus Comment

Campus Comment: When do you think Christmas should actually begin—the music, shopping, and decorating?


Sera Hone, a junior from Utah studying communications, said, “Christmas begins Nov. 1, 110 percent. I love Christmas, and I would listen to Christmas music year-round if it was socially acceptable.”

Campus Comment: What’s your favorite scary/Halloween movie?


Carter Moore, a freshman from Nevada studying exercise science:  “‘Halloween,’ because it’s actually scary. A lot of other movies aren’t scary. I feel like movies from the ‘80s did really good with scary movies.”

Campus Comment: What can new students do to embrace the Aloha spirit?

Akinna Tiito, a freshman from Kiribati studying HTM: "Say Aloha with a friendly face and be happy."

Lily Hawkins, a sophomore from Missouri studying music: "When random people smile and wave at you, don't be suprised. Smile and wave back."

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