Students create new holiday traditions on island instead of returning home


Many students at BYU–Hawaii said they were staying home for the holidays due to the financial burden it would cause them and their families if they returned home. Despite going home, students agreed that Hawaii can feel like home as they make new traditions with their friends.

How to give Christmas gifts on a budget


With the busy holiday season, BYU–Hawaii students explained that buying gifts for family and friends can be difficult while still staying within their budget and making the present meaningful.

Although Christmas is becoming more secular, students find ways to marvel in the miracle of Christ’s birth


With the commercialization of Christmas, the true meaning of the holiday is often overlooked. BYU–Hawaii students said they are adamant in creating traditions that will help them remember that Christ is the reason for the celebration.

Campus Comment: When do you think Christmas should actually begin—the music, shopping, and decorating?


Sera Hone, a junior from Utah studying communications, said, “Christmas begins Nov. 1, 110 percent. I love Christmas, and I would listen to Christmas music year-round if it was socially acceptable.”

Celebrating four months of Christmas in the Philippines


Christmas season began on Sept. 1 and extends to Christmas day for Filipino students of BYU-Hawaii and returned missionaries who have served missions in Philippines. Special foods, gatherings and traditions are shared throughout the country.

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