conversion story

Indian convert says the Gospel taught him to love his family despite their disapproval

Coming to BYU-Hawaii wasn’t always his plan, but Shanmugsundaram Arumugam, or Shan, said his journey to the school is rooted in his conversion to the Gospel.

New Russian student among first LDS converts after missionaries were allowed in his country

After a life of constant pressure to drink and smoke, Anton Kruglyak, a freshman from Russia studying computer science, said he has led a life filled with hard decisions, some of which led him to study at BYU-Hawaii. Kruglyak said he believes coding is intertwined with how the world works.

Enduring from the start: Alle Bumgardner's inspiring story

Alle Bumgardner, a senior in exercise and sport science from Red Bluff, Calif., converted to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints when she was 19 years old. She was cut off from her family and friends and forced to change the only life she had ever known.

Conversion sparked by the promise of eternal families

As a bold and passionate young woman, Lily Tang, a junior in social work from Hong Kong, faced tragedy and heartache at an early age, but has turned to the Gospel for solace and fortification. After three and a half years of being a member, Tang shares her inspiring conversion story.

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