President-elect Donald Trump unveils plans for first 100 days of his administration

Donald Trump’s proposed 100-day plan started a discussion between students and professors in what he refers to as his “contract between [himself] and the American voter [which] begins with restoring honesty, accountability and change to Washington.”

BYUH social workers attribute surge of post-election suicide calls to lack of coping skills


The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline received nearly three times more calls than usual after the presidential election on Nov. 8, according to CNN.

Voting: A civic duty

U.S. citizens between the ages of 18 and 29 traditionally have the lowest voter turnout of any demographic, according to National Public Radio.

Trump wins Hawaii's Republican caucus

According to the Associated Press, Donald Trump won the Hawaii Republican Caucus yesterday on Tuesday, March 8. Local Republicans lined up at Laie Elementary school at 6 p.m. to vote.

An Inside Opinion: Playing the Campaign Game

Five Days. 120 hours. Eight candidates. One campaign. Behind the smiling posters and free food, campaigning was a prime example of survival of the fittest: may the most popular candidate win.

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