Shooting leads students to advocate the importance of mental and spiritual preparation

As news of the fatal shooting in Fallon, Nevada reached the world, students expressed their condolences, and how best to move forward by embracing the plan of happiness through putting trust in Heavenly Father and becoming prepared for possible future dangers in a changing world.

Seventy says to not compare, limit present self to past self, and to continue in faith at BYUH devotional

Elder Craig A. Cardon of the Seventy’s emphasized the importance of staying firm in the faith despite today’s challenges at the Oct. 3 BYU-Hawaii devotional.

Dr. Ronald Miller discusses how faith and science interact in 2016 convocation

The perceived dichotomy of faith and science is a frequent topic and concern among religious academics. Dr. Ronald Miller, professor of Psychology, tackled this often times controversial and complex interaction in his convocation address titled, “The Gospel and the Scientific Method.”

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