Students create new holiday traditions on island instead of returning home


Many students at BYU–Hawaii said they were staying home for the holidays due to the financial burden it would cause them and their families if they returned home. Despite going home, students agreed that Hawaii can feel like home as they make new traditions with their friends.

Homeless should be seen as normal humans instead of being judged, according to student volunteers


Without forming an official BYU-Hawaii club, Bryce Coleman, a senior from Arizona majoring in intercultural peacebuilding, said he joins students together in a group called Everyone is Ohana to volunteer and reach out to homeless people in Hawaii.

Whether at home or on island, you can still have an attitude for gratitude says students


Though they may be far from home, BYU–Hawaii students have expressed celebrating Thanksgiving is still possible with friends as they express their gratitude for each other and the food they share.

Hawaii passes ban on sunscreens harming coral reefs

Popular sunscreen brands such as Hawaiian Tropic, Coppertone, and Banana Boat currently use sunscreen formulas that contain chemicals harmful to coral reefs and other marine life, says Hawaii legislators. On July 2, 2018, Hawaii Gov.

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