New Islamic history course designed to clarify misunderstandings, entice students to history minor

Jim Tueller, professor of history, has started a new class called History of Islam (HIST 305) in order to clear up misconceptions about the religion and attract students to the history minor.

The origin of Aloha 'Oe lies with the last Queen of Hawaii

Aloha ‘Oe is a song heard frequently all over campus, yet few students know the story of the song’s origin. Out of 14 students interviewed, none knew the full factual story, but most had at least a little truth.

Culture, history and people are reasons to put visiting Japan on your 'bucket list'

Japan may be an ocean way, but it is easier to visit than people think. According to Japan’s National Tourism Organization, in 2012, just over 8 million people visited Japan. Surprisingly, only 700,000 of those people came from the United States.

Divine Providence: Story of LDS shipwrecked immigrants documented in film

In hoping to tell the story of the only ship of LDS Church immigrants wrecked with loss of life and address the theme of divine providence, filmmakers Fred Woods and Martin Andersen from Utah, presented the story, their research, and a teaser of a movie “A Divine Providence: The Wreck and Rescue

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