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PUBG brings students from different countries together and enhance their friendships


With students separated into teams and screaming at their phones or laptops in the Heber J. Grant Building, the first Chinese PUBG competition, a combined activity of the Taiwan, China, and Hong Kong Chapter, was held on Oct. 26.

Southeast Asian students react to Category 4 typhoon that left destruction in its wake

BYU-Hawaii students from the islands of Hong Kong and the Philippines braced for the news about their homelands as Typhoon Ompong raged cross the Pacific. The Philippines took most of the brunt of the storm when the typhoon hit on Sept. 15 as it headed straight to Hong Kong.

Chinese music student enters music major as a beginner in Western music

A guzheng and suona specialist and Hong Kong Youth Chinese Orchestra performer, Emily Shek, said as a Chinese music performer, she came to BYU-Hawaii as a complete beginner in Western music. Shek, who is now a senior majoring in music, tries to practice at least six hours a day.

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