Puerto Rican citizens left without basic resources, student says Laie can help with donations

In the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rican citizens are in need of any kind of help people can offer after losing basic resources.

Victims of recent hurricanes say recovery efforts are successful

Florida, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Texas and other countries are still recuperating from the recent hurricanes that have reached their shores, according to the Associated Press.

Experts say make a plan for hurricane emergencies and practice it before water rises

While hurricane-strength winds and rains can cause devastating damage, said Elder Paul Crookston at a hurricane preparedness meeting hosted by BYU-Hawaii Security on May 10, the greatest damage and loss of life comes from ocean storm surge.

Another close call as hurricane Ana passes

It was business as usual when Hurricane Ana downgraded to a tropical storm on Oct. 20 as it passed south of Honolulu and left only heavy rain and wind in her wake.

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