A journey of faith and sacrifice led this freshman from India to BYU-Hawaii


After overcoming obstacles to attend BYU-Hawaii, Vikram Raj, a freshman accounting major from southern India, said he hopes his education will help him improve the lives in his home country by ending corruption and poverty. His journey to BYU-Hawaii is a story of sacrifice and faith.

Pioneers of India: Current BYU-Hawaii students share how their conversion lead to pursuing education at BYUH

Originating from the slums of India and eventually finding themselves on the island of Oahu, converts from the the subcontinent who have been making their way to BYU-Hawaii reveal how their conversions to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints paved the way to higher education.

Indian convert says the Gospel taught him to love his family despite their disapproval

Coming to BYU-Hawaii wasn’t always his plan, but Shanmugsundaram Arumugam, or Shan, said his journey to the school is rooted in his conversion to the Gospel.

Floods bring temporary peace between Pakistan and India

Recent floods in India and Pakistan offer an opportunity for peace building conversations and collaboration in rebuilding the two nations. Both the Pakistani and Indian sides have been severely affected by the increase in flow in the Southern Asiatic Rivers.

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