Four Asian Clubs hold activity inviting others to learn of their different cultures


The Southeast Asian clubs of Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand banded together for a night of dancing, fun, and camaraderie Oct. 27 at the Aloha Ballroom. The multicultural event included musical numbers, a new game of tag, and authentic Malaysian food.

Indonesian students say the Church continues to offers help to those affected by the disasters

A 7.5-magnitude earthquake occurred in Sulawesi, a major island in central Indonesia, on Sept. 28, triggering a tsunami with waves of 20 feet to hit eastern Sulawesi at 497 mph.

Five Southeast Asian countries come together for their first inter-chapter badminton tournament

Cheers filled the BYU-Hawaii Old Gym as the Singapore-Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, and Indonesia clubs hosted a badminton tournament on Sept 29.

Seismic activities are common in Indonesia due to its special geological location inside the Ring of Fire

Lombok, Indonesia, an island known by tourists for its crystal clear water and vast coral reef, was struck by a 6.9 magnitude earthquake in the early morning of August 5.

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