PUBG brings students from different countries together and enhance their friendships


With students separated into teams and screaming at their phones or laptops in the Heber J. Grant Building, the first Chinese PUBG competition, a combined activity of the Taiwan, China, and Hong Kong Chapter, was held on Oct. 26.

With Typhoon Trami gone, Typhoon Kong-rey heads toward Japan

Typhoons aren't cause for alarm, according to Japanese students attending BYU-Hawaii. Japan experiences typhoon season during the summer and early-autumn months.

Japanese students say social media helps them get connected with family, relatives, and friends during disasters

Japan was hit by Typhoon Jebi, a category 5 super typhoon with the highest wind gust of 130 mph on Sept 4, which made it the strongest storm this year on the planet and the worst one in Japan since Typhoon Yancy in 1993, according to the Washington Post.

The 200-year-old street food is a modern classic, according to students

Sushi, in all its shapes, colors, and sizes is a favorite treat among BYU-Hawaii students. Sushi enthusiasts attending BYUH discuss the history and why they enjoy the flavors sushi has to offer.

Japan celebrates Marine Day

To give thanks for the resources that the ocean has given, Japan celebrates Marine Day, known as Umi No Hi on the third Monday of July. Umi No Hi translates to “day of ocean.”

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