LDS missionaries

Two stories of how BYUH students decided to serve a mission

The desire to serve a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints varies among prospective missionaries. Two BYU-Hawaii students – one a returned missionary and one a prospective – shared what led them to give up 18-24 months in service of the Lord.

Full-time missionaries preach the gospel digitally

Full-time LDS missionaries’ traditional way of knocking on doors to preach the gospel has evolved to include the use of Facebook and other social media in the mission field, reports LDS Church news.

The Saratov Approach: LDS independent film reaches Laie community to acclaim

The hit new movie, “Saratov Approach,” was sold out at the Laie Palms Cinema last Friday, Oct. 25. The movie was about the story of two Mormon missionaries who were abducted and held ransom in Russia 15 years ago.

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