California law requires long-term care professionals use preferred pronouns for transgender patients

California Governor Jerry Brown signed Senate Bill No. 219 into law, which demands long-term care professionals to address senior transgender patients by their preferred pronoun, according to the Associated Press.

Potential effects from legalizing same-sex marriage in Australia worries Australian students

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article do not represent to those of the Ke Alaka'i or BYU-Hawaii. The article below highlights the opinions of BYUH students from Australia on the subject of legalizing same-sex marriage in their home country.

Authorities hunting and torturing gay men in Chechnya, deny accusations

At least 100 gay men in Chechnya, Russia have been captured, tortured, or killed because of their sexuality, according to reports by the Novaya Gazeta news source and Vox.

Student cyberbullied for advocating against gay moment in “Beauty and the Beast”

Messages and comments telling her she’s a bigot and should kill herself came flooding into BYU-Hawaii student Megan Hansen’s Facebook after she shared a petition on March 2 titled “Tell Disney ‘NO’ to LGBT agenda in Beauty and the Beast.”

BYUH social workers attribute surge of post-election suicide calls to lack of coping skills


The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline received nearly three times more calls than usual after the presidential election on Nov. 8, according to CNN.

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