marine biology

Goodwills retire and “transition to new things” after 23 years of teaching at BYU-Hawaii

“We have 65 boxes of books packed in the living room right now. I think that we will end up with around 100 boxes,” said retiring Associate Professor of English Sanoma Goodwill.

A day in the life of a marine biology major

Kristen Lorraine Schlegel, a junior marine biology major from South Carolina, said she was inspired to choose her major by Steve Irwin, who shaped how she views animals and the planet. “I feel so strongly that the animals on earth are here for a reason.

Marine biology students warn of dangerous sea creatures others might not know about

Though they recommend students learn and explore the ocean responsibly, BYU-Hawaii marine biology students and faculty said people should be cautious of the marine life they interact with.

Marine biology group offers students opportunities to discover new species

The BYU-Hawaii Marine Team gives students the opportunity to learn skills and make a difference to science by finding and researching new species, according to Dr. Roger Goodwill, a biology professor and founder of the team.

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