mother's day

'Motherhood' statue in art hallway neglected, say faculty and students

In honor of Mother’s Day, a spotlight is pointed at the statue entitled ‘La Carita’, which is Italian for love, located in the BYUH art hallway. The statue’s history dates back to the mid 1900s.

Campus comment: What mothers say

BYU-Hawaii students share some words their mothers always told them.

Bubba Au, a senior majoring in political science said, “Don’t complain about something if you didn’t give it your best shot.”

Forging a Family of Faith: Through thick and thin, Goh has learned the importance of family

Juneffer Sabashan Goh said the first time she met her husband, Ian Martin Idang, was at a LDS Church service in Malaysia when he was an investigator and he surprisingly asked her for her phone number.

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