A guide to fresh entertainment on Netflix and Amazon Prime

Every weekend students are faced with thousands of entertainment options through streaming services like Amazon and Netflix. Amidst all these avenues, students said they still find themselves endlessly scrolling and finding nothing to watch.

Hopeful BYUH fans of "Stranger Things" believe second season won't suffer from being a sequel

“Stranger Things” fans at BYU-Hawaii are getting excited for the second season of the Netflix hit show, though concerns about the newest season not being as good as the original have been raised by media reporters and bloggers.

New Bill Nye show covers controversial science topics

Bill Nye “The Science Guy’s” new Netflix series “Bill Nye Saves the World” premiered on April 24 and was met with negative reviews for being political and cheesy.

Bill Nye show coming to Netflix, students and faculty express concerns and excitement

Bill Nye the Science Guy, a popular TV scientist broadcasted on American television, is receiving a new TV show on Netflix called “Bill Nye Saves the World.” The announcement was released on the Netflix Twitter page on Aug. 31.

Students reveal their top 5 Netflix TV show picks

As most BYU-Hawaii students do not have TVs or cable in their homes, students turning to Netflix, an on-demand media service provided through the Internet, for their entertainment. Movies are a main attraction to Netflix, but most students said television series are what they watch most.

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