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From Mongolia to Utah to BYU-Hawaii: Tsetsgee "Flora" Enkhbold shares her story


With her eyes set on BYU-Hawaii, Tsetsgee "Flora" Enkhold, a freshman from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia majoring in business management, is motivated by her desire to serve others, her home country, and spread the gospel.

High school life

Block Party caters to a diverse student body with multiple music genres

Students and DJ’s loved the multi-themed dance that kicked off the beginning of the fall semester on Sept. 7 because they believed it brought cultures together and was simple.

New students cope with homesickness through a diverse ohana

Overcoming homesickness is a common issue for freshman mainland students because it is their first time being away from home for a long period of time, according to several freshman BYU-Hawaii students.

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