New Zealand

Student sells jewelry made from green stone to share his Maori culture

Moananui Kadarmia, a junior in biochemistry from New Zealand, sells jewelry made from Maori green stone as a part of his own side business, which he started to share his culture with others.

Student Advisory Council enacts

During a Maori Cultural activity hosted by the New Zealand Student Association, members who were non-natives said they enjoyed learning Maori traditions while natives said they felt closer to home.

New Zealand entertainer visits BYUH

Ash Puriri, a famous entertainer from New Zealand and the Maori Advisor in Enterprise development for Waikato Management School, came to Brigham Young University-Hawaii to inspire students about cultural preservation through tourism and industrial development.

New Zealand ‘Neoteric Maori moko’ group dances in Hawaii for the first time

People filled the seats in the Cannon Activities Center to see the JGeeks, an entertainment group from New Zealand, on Friday, May 17. There were exactly 1,936 tickets sold, according to BYUH Performance Series Student Coordinator, Spencer Dowd.

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