North Korea

Despite the common myth, tourists can travel to North Korea

NOTE: The Ke Alaka'i does not endorse or recommend that individuals travel to North Korea, and it is completely neutral on the matter.

South Korean students believe war with North Korea is not likely to happen

NOTE: The article below touches on issues that are sensitive to some students or people from various areas of the world.

Hawaii to test missile sirens in November in case of North Korea attack

This November, the state of Hawaii will begin a statewide air raid warning siren test to be used to warn of North Korean missile attacks, according to Honolulu Star Advertiser.

Trump adds non-Muslim countries to travel ban, House Senate meeting addressing original ban cancelled

Trump has included Venezuela, North Korea, and Chad to his travel ban, an action that caused the cancelation for the hearing on the accused unconstitutional travel ban put in place in February, according to CNN.

Asian students and political science professor aren't worried about North Korean missile tests

Governments and news centers have reacted with caution to North Korea's most recent missile launching and nuclear tests, but Asian BYU-Hawaii students said they aren't worried about the sword rattling because it’s been happening for a long time.

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