Students create new holiday traditions on island instead of returning home


Many students at BYU–Hawaii said they were staying home for the holidays due to the financial burden it would cause them and their families if they returned home. Despite going home, students agreed that Hawaii can feel like home as they make new traditions with their friends.

BYU–Hawaii ohana member Wendy Sorensen Vaka honored for her life of service to her family and others


Remembered as a mother who put her family and others first despite battling cancer for more than seven years, Wendy Sorensen Vaka was honored by her children and siblings at her funeral services on Nov. 24 at the Laie Hawaii Stake Center.

The Little Acai Cart makes big impact at events


Brady Hollingsworth, a sophomore studying biology from California, returned home from his mission with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in March to help run a small catering company started by his older brother, Colby Hollingsworth, a recent BYU–Hawaii alumnus.

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