International Union for Conservation of Nature teaches students about conservation efforts in the world

President Barack Obama announced plans for $30 million dollars to combat climate change concerns to Pacific Island government leaders at the International Union for Conservation of Nature in Honolulu. “While some members of the U.S.

Obama calls for stricter regulations on Internet providers

President Barack Obama urged the Federal Communications Commission to keep the Internet “free and open” through heavier regulations of internet providers during an announcement made on Nov. 10.

Obama proposes ban on paid prioritization on the Internet

The progression of technology has led BYU-Hawaii students to offer their insight on Obama’s new endorsement on net neutrality.

James Foley, American journalist beheaded

Terrorists beheaded James Foley, an American journalist in Syria, on Aug. 19 and U.S. government leaders are on the line. Islamic militants kidnapped Foley in 2012, after several unsuccessful attempts by the U.S. government to free Foley.

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