Office of Honor

Former politician and alumnus Feki Pouha returns to BYUH to lead Office of Honor

The new Office of Honor Manager Feki Pouha, a former Hawaii state representative, said it is an honor to give back and serve BYU-Hawaii. “My family felt strong in serving and giving back,” Pouha said. “Those were things I was taught growing up.

Low attendance at fashion show promoting Honor Code standards

Few students attended BYU-Hawaii’s Honor Code Fashion Show in the Aloha Center on Thursday, Mar. 23, but those who did attend said the event proved students can be fashionable and modest.

Office of Honor holds week of activities for students to learn more about the Honor Code

Students were encouraged to live the standards of the Honor Code for Honor Code week with silly photos, bean bag tosses, candy, and pizza.

Latino students share their appreciation for the U.S. honoring Hispanic Heritage Month

Latino students shared pride of their roots, food, dancing, family traditions and appreciation of their Hispanic culture from Sep. 15 to Oct. 15, a month for students to realize their heritage doesn’t just come from genes.

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