Professor recommends looking at all sides to find solution for Salt Lake City nurse’s arrest

The recent arrest of nurse Alex Wubbles in Salt Lake City, Utah for refusing to draw blood from an unconscious patient sparked a discussion nationwide and here at BYU-Hawaii on the state of U.S. law enforcement.

Honolulu Police Department trains BYU-Hawaii faculty for active shooting prevention and response

During the Active Shooter Awareness Presentation given by the Honolulu Police Department on Sept. 29, faculty and staff learned how to prepare in response to shooters and how to implement the Run-Hide-Fight Plan.

Young surfer dies

The new year brought tragedy to the surfing community when 24-year-old professional surfer, Ricardo dos Santos, was allegedly shot by an off-duty police officer in front of his family home in the Brazilian State of Santa Catarina.

Mom posts drinking mocktails with kids online, police show up at her door

A Massachusetts mom’s “mocktail” gets her in trouble with Salem police when a video her 5-year-old pretending to be a superhero drinking beer causes people to report her to local authorities, reports examiner.com.

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