Hot Dogs from around the world, using foods from common BYUH cultures

Lumpia Dog (Philippines)

•lumpia wrap •frying oil

Wrap the dog in the lumpia wrap, use water to seal it, then fry for a crunchy adventure.

Musubi Dog (Hawaii)

•rice •rice vinegar •nori

Red Velvet Pancake recipe give guys the chance to show off baking skills

Despite what many men may think, Pinterest really is a girl’s best friend. As Valentine’s Day rolls around, students at BYU-Hawaii shared how helpful Pinterest can be in finding festive crafts, activities and recipes like this recipe for red velvet pancakes with cream cheese topping.

Make an easy Apple Tart "Pioneer Woman" style

From “The Pioneer Woman” website, here is a recipe for an autumnal dessert.

Make this Cool Rise Roll recipe for the holidays

Homemade rolls are often on the menu for Christmas dinner. Here is a roll recipe that you can make and easily take to holiday parties. The longer you let them rise, the higher they get.


Super Food Smoothie

5 minutes total to make it
2 servings

1 cup frozen mixed fruit
1 Apple or other fruit
3 leaves of Kale
1 Tbs Flax seed
½ cup vanilla coconut milk
(or any other juice you would like to add)

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